Recognising and understanding the impact of kidney disease on the child’s health & well-being

The Kid’s Health and Wealth Study is and Australian and New Zealand project working towards improving health outcomes and support to families caring for children and adolescents with kidney disease.

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Not working was hard. Every time I decided, okay, right that's it, this is the next five year plan, this is what we're going to do, she'd end up in hospital.
Mother, 40s
You have to borrow some money then you have to repay that borrowed money back. We borrowed some money a couple of times. We had to pay it back and we're broke again. So we had to pay that back and you can't keep doing that or you're back in the same spot all the time. So we try and do it off our own backs and it doesn't always work.
Father, 40s
He walked out… Then of course, the mortgages weren't paid, the whole lot. All that basically escalated from in that first six months of diagnosis… The house was gone. the rental went, everything went, I couldn't work, there was no way I could pay it, the whole thing went. All I had was my car. Basically we were homeless in the car.
Mother, 40s